Whether it's coordinating a client’s re-voice for a character in a feature film or handling logistics with the Screen Actors Guild, our team guarantees to make the process as seamless and positive as possible.

Below is a list of our services. Feel free to contact us with any questions, however random. 


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Sound-Alike Casting

What to do when you can't get penciled into your principle actor's schedule? From Dwayne Johnson to Jennifer Lawrence we have a resource pool full of voice-matches available to mimic any sound you need. We also coordinate the audition process from start to finish.

Voice direction

We work 1-on-1 with principle voice talent to curate the performance desired. As the session director, we coach the talent to enhance all the nuances of each character.

Group ADR

We handle the casting and direction of the loop group. This includes spotting the film, sending extensive preparation notes to actors, coordinating contracts, drive-ons, Station 12 and live direction on the stage.

Foreign Language Specialists & Technical Experts

Imagine this: you need a fluent Balinese speaker, in two hours, in the Valley. We can handle that. From providing translators to holding auditions for obscure languages, we make certain you get the real deal.

Contract Logistics

 & SAG/AFtra liason

Who likes paperwork? We do. We make facilitating contracts as easy as possible. We can tailor full contract packets to your production's needs to make sure all the T's are crossed and I's are dotted. Additionally, Through our relationship with SAG/AFTRA we handle all aspects of Station 12 Cast Clearances, Rates and Regulations, Taft Hartleys and New Media negotiation.