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R.A.W. Voice Casting is founded upon the commitment to delivering the highest caliber voice talent in a positive, professional environment to fulfill a production's sound needs. Over two decades of experience in voice-casting and group ADR has led to the privilege of working with every leading studio and network in Hollywood. In recent years, this has also opened opportunities within the exciting frontiers of virtual reality and narrative gaming. 

Part of what makes R.A.W. Voice Casting unique is our extensive network of technical experts. Based on a project's needs, be it medical, scientific, militaristic etc. we provide authentic jargon direct from the source. Our actors are always thoroughly prepared. Our team has been known to haunt the halls of institutions such as the LA Coroners Office, Harvard Law School, the Ugandan Consulate, Cottage Hospital, and Princeton’s Plasma Physics Lab, to name a few. We enjoy the hunt for accurate information and we'll leave no stone unturned.